Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ready? Set? Get ydniW!

Instructions: How do we do this thing?

Each recipient will be allotted 1 gift. Now we know there are also gifting projects in the other DC forums. So let's have an honesty system here, ok? If you've already requested a gift from somewhere else, don't sign up here anymore to give the other fans an opportunity to also get one.

The first thing you need to do is to sign up at the gifting thread at DCO. State whether you would like to be a Donor or a Recipient. If you would like to be a Donor, state how many gifts you would like to send.

After you sign up, please wait for me or kathee to pair you up with a donor or recipient. Recipients were assigned donors in the order by which they signed up. (That is, first come, first served.) The List of Donors and Recipients is in the table below.

Recipients, please look up your name in the table and see who your donors are. Then contact your donors via private message at DCO, and provide your email address. Make sure your email address does not contain a country suffix (for example, ".ph" or ".sg"). Also, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT A DONOR WHO HAS NOT BEEN ASSIGNED TO YOU.

Donors, you are to use the email address given to you when you're ready to make your gift purchase. (Further instructions on gifting below.)

Donors and recipients will coordinate with each other from this point on. You're on your own, people, you find you!

List of Donors & Recipients
Tip for looking up your name: In Firefox, click on Edit > Find, then type in your name in the textfield that will appear at the bottom of your browser. Firefox will highlight your name on the page. In Internet Explorer, hit Ctrl + F, then type the name on the textfield that will appear.

janlin (5)

Dementor145, len1212, jovelyn, blessed
1 Recvd

CarolinAZ (2) (3 after 4/16)

Adriana, heartofglass,

2 Recvd

Abbyrocky2 (5)

bhanle, antul, jennyjenny
2 Rcvd

petadoption (5)

Viivi, DavidCookRocks, Olive_juice
3 Rcvd


coolshades (5)

sleepyinsomniac, anita13062, kianpeag, dewy
4 Rcvd

lovethemusic (3)

riverhorse, meg_d, kathleenxx
3 Rcvd

str8ahead2cook (2)
uber_cookie, Juno

2 Rcvd

sky (2)

closeyoureyes, waving feather
2 Rcvd

miakka, mke4dc

2 Rcvd

hoaloha (5)
Nono, lizpdc, miss_charmed1 Rcvd
optimistictaf (5)

christa, imogen_ph, Stephanie231
3 Rcvd

rainegentlyfalls (3)
stitch, rubytuesday
1 Rcvd

Cook_Crush (3)

hrdnox, Enan_24, Jolene, Cookie-crumbs
2 Rcvd

RockonDC (3)

hypertwink, lady peace, Archie0228
2 Rcvd

CookTime (5)

rabbitfighter, silentbliss, scoccobella

DCfan_2008 (5)

_jean, singrosal, HollowEyes
3 Rcvd

1 Rcvd
angie_puertorico (5)
about, Made, crazy4dc
3 Rcvd

amystruth (2)


JoanieB (4)

sourwoodmtn (3)

overtheseas, me_lovin_dc

tang (5)

macarossi, cookiespecial
2 Rcvd

Instructions for Gifting and Redeeming Gifts

For Donors: How to gift with iTunes

Gifting is just like making your regular iTunes purchase. In iTunes , search in Music Videos: David Cook - Come Back To Me, then click on the image. Click on the button Gift This Video button, like so:

then provide the required information (basically, your recipient's email address). iTunes will then send an email to your Recipient, stating that s/he has been sent a gift. That's it!

*In case iTunes tells you that your recipient has already purchased the music video, click on Cancel to stop the purchase. If your intention is to give your recipient another copy, click on Continue.

For Recipients: How To Redeem Your iTunes Gift
(Please Follow The Instructions Carefully)

1. Open the email from the iTunes store. Click the REDEEM NOW button.

2. If you don't have an account yet, select CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.

3. Now please READ THIS STEP CAREFULLY, this is where most people make a mistake. Make sure the billing address indicated is in the U.S. - you are supposed to have a U.S. billing address. So DO NOT CLICK on "click here" or the arrow, as shown below.)

4. When you create your iTunes Store account make sure that you'll be using the same email address where your donor sent your iTunes gift.

5. Choose none for Payment Method. (See screenshot below under # 6.) Important: If you don't see the none option, go back to the previous page and make sure that you agreed to receiving iTunes updates through email. Also, check out FAQ item #1 (scroll down a bit). We've also been told that sometimes the none option may not appear in Firefox, but does so in Internet Explorer.

6. Supply a U.S. address.
It's best to use a valid address. We suggest borrowing your friends' or relatives' addresses. If you don't have any friends or relatives to borrow from, or would like to opt for another method, please check back with us at the DCO gifting thread.

7. The Download will start shortly after you create your account.


8. Tadah!

ydniW now sits in your computer's hard drive. Congratulations, enjoy, and picture you with the wind in your hair!

And oh, please do rate the video, it's our small way of helping to promote it.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

1. In Step 5 of How to Redeem Your iTunes Gift, I don't see NONE as a Payment Method. Why?

- First, go back to the very first step. Did you open the email from iTunes Store? The problem might be that you tried to sign in FROM iTunes (that is, you opened iTunes and then tried to create an account from there) instead of cicking REDEEM NOW inside the email notification sent to you by the iTunes Store. It makes sense that iTunes should offer you the NONE Payment Method option specifically when you've come to redeem a gift, doesn't it?

That's not it?

- Go to the previous page and see if you checked the box that says you agree to receiving iTunes updates. If you did not, go and check it.

Still can't see NONE ?

- Look at Step 3, under Terms & Conditions. You are supposed to have a US billing address. So when it says "If the billing address of your payment information is not the US, click here -->", DO NOT click!

Still nothing?

- Are you sure that your email address does NOT contain a country suffix? Or is not a hotmail address? We've heard that for some people, hotmail works. For some, it doesn't. If you're among the unfortunate ones, try gmail, we've never heard of people having problems with it.

2. I still have some credits left from my iTunes gift card. Can I use them to send gifts to someone?

Apparently no, you cannot transfer left-over credits from an already used gift card. But you can buy a new iTunes gift card and send the redemption code to the person you would like to give a gift to. The catch is that the cheapest gift card costs $15. Be aware that the redemption code can only be used by one account. So if you're essentially giving a person $15 worth of credit.