Friday, May 4, 2012

The Last Song I'll Write For You Gifting Blog

List of Donors & Recipients
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Sky_in_Wa (@Sky_in_Wa) (5)stitch (@madelasuncion), widya (@widya_t), overCOOKed (@ClarisseOlviga), mon_mon, nickodavid (@nickodavid)4 recvd (s,o,n, m)
@RoseC__2012 (5)Anthony Ong (@anthonyong0309), ann25 (@kookiness), marie, theroxycook (@theroxycook), Enan_2.4 (@TheEnanski)3 recvd (a, t, t)
Abbyrocky (@Abbyrocky2)(5)antul, lady peace (@ladypeace1217), frozenat17 (@frozenat17), lizpdc, kristaonesix4 Recvd (a,f,lp,l, k)
pillows33 (@dd_doodle) (5)iloveudavid (@Cooking_), MizSWQ, Dani-Menezes (@Dani_Menezes), mujerfeliz (@mujerfeliz2012)1 recvd (i, M, D)
walaurenSassySiham1 recvd
avazanne1 (@avazanne) (5)heyfudge (@cuddlesjackie), @ShArLeMaGnE, bananaANDmango (@TUPstah), Loqz2 recvd (h,L)
Brisblondie (@Brisblondie) (5)@nikobatallones, yumi_sunlight (@bloowind), vidako, rainerafael1 recvd (n, v)
RosLip (@RosLip) (5)sumarniz (@zamsumarni), dannie7 (@DannieS7), CCF (@renee_CCF)2 recvd (s, C)
sharon05 (@finnley05) (5)hrdnox (@TaySefPH)1 recvd
Trishabunny (@Trishabunny) (5)dream-big (@alyssafortmrw), Via2 recvd (d, V)
angie_puertorico (@latinalovesrock) (5)Angie4DC (@angie4dc), bhanle (@bhanle)
2 recvd (a, b)
DCisloved (@Lizann49) (5)Janelle_8 (@janelle_8), diraoni (@diraoni)
1 recvd (j)
luckyduck (@luckyduck_lv) (5)Marina, jovelyn (@jovelyn_mark)
1 recvd
chele07 (@chele07) (5)
cookgal (@im_aida), kritz (@kritzyeoh)
2 recvd (c, k)
janlin (@janlin) (5)
mcr (@mcr7706), hebelovesdc

MargMom (@itsmargmom) (5)
Jessie Ann (@BeOurStrength), crazy4dc
2 recvd (J, c)
jasmine (@Jas5809) (4)SethCook, _ubercookie2 recvd
martha (5)

Suenee (@Suenee88) (5)Paula.Cook-ar (@PaulaCook), jcarlo20 (@jcarlo20)1 recvd (j)
BamaCookieFan (5)giang.nguyen1 recvd
YoSwanny@chapark, @Ale_ALEJANDRO3, juliebee
2 recvd (c, A)
@SashaPoodle@omyheckjean, @dewy__ , M.Sensitive
2 recvd (o, d)
pandora (@pandora__box)@prodigalfan, humairamuchils, philippa
2 recvd (p, p)
Safroniamay (5)closeyoureyes (@Dammit_David)

kara4peace (@kara4peace) (5)
sleepyinsomniac (@sleepyinsomniac)
1 recvd
@dsoliloquista, Adriana
2 recvd (d, A)
lizzy4 (@Eliza630)
cookie_fanatic (@cookiefan28), CookieCrunch
1 recvd (c)
ldynsrch (@ladynsearch) (5)
Ketty, MinaYumping (@MinaYumping)2 recvd (K, M)
wissphoto (@wissphoto) (5)
mcjllane (@mcjllane), zeebee05
1 recvd (z)
Sandy (@socooked) (5)
julesarg (@beautyinarose)
@deeyuhnah, Sofyan_theDC (@Sofyan_DCfan)
1 recvd
minstrel (5)
Kaar_m (@Karmorant), xmariacarolina (@xMariaCarolina)
1 recvd (x)
@gabzsi, azalea
2 recvd (g, a)
existhalfie, caritas40 (@caritas13)
2 recvd (e,c)
che, taken000
1 recvd (t)
Antares (@KiraPP)CoolBeck1 recvd
cougar4COOK (5)tia bee (@tiaaaaa)
rascalete (5)musicislife6278 (@ripmypaperheart)
follia (@follias) (5)radc101 (@raDC_11), koriokami (@koriokami), MikeJShaheen2 recvd (r,M)
Hummingbird (@hummingbird_42) (5)dinhapat (@dinhapat), jonon1 recvd
lovinlife (5, a/i)rhea, r0ckergirl14 (@r0ckergirl14)
Joanneakajosie (5, a/i)

GrammaPatG (5)

Florida (5)

Squirrellygirl (@A1Squirrellygrl) (5, a/i)

zephyr (@zephyr369)

celticsfaninNH (@celticsfaninNH) (5)

joycee (5)


  1. Please add me as a donor for up to 5 songs. Squirrellygirl. I can do Amazon or I-tunes. Let me know what you need. Thanks.

  2. Please correct my call name and twitter address. There's 2 r's -- twitter should be @A1Squirrellygrl and Squirrellygirl is my name here, for my e-mail address. Thanks.